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Back River Bacteria Monitoring

This MPN means the most probable number out of the highest it can max out within the system we use. The highest number for the dilution we run would be 24,196.

According to the State of Maryland, it's unsafe to come into contact with surface waters if the enterococcus level is greater than 130 MPN/100mL.  Here's a link to a reference for that:

Effluent Pipe:
 2/3/22 Effluent Pipe: >10MPN/100ml; BWB-BR4:10MPN/100ML
2/17/22 Effluent Pipe:10MPN/100ml; BWB-BR4: >10MPN/100ml
 2/24/22 Effluent Pipe: 10MPN/100ml; BWB-BR2: 10MPN/100ml
 3/3/22 Effluent Pipe20MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: 10MPN/100ml
 3/10/22 Effluent Pipe 30MPN/100ml; BWB-BR2: 216MPN/100ml

Effluent Pipe20MPN/100ml; BWB-BR2: 162MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: 20MPN/100ml

 3/22/22 Effluent Pipe105MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: 41MPN/100ml; BWB-BR4: 118MPN/100ml; BWB-BR5: 92MPN/100ml
 3/31/22 BWB-BR5: 20MPN/100ml; BWB-BR6: 10MPN/100ml
 4/4/22 Effluent Pipe>10MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: 41MPN/100ml
 4/12/22 Effluent Pipe: >24,196MPN/100ml
 4/12/22 Effluent Pipe: >24,196MPN/100ml
 4/14/22 Effluent Pipe20MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: >24,196MPN/100ml; BWB-BR4: 30MPN/100ml; BWB-BR6: 616MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: 63MPN/100ml
 4/19/22 Effluent Pipe934MPN/100ml; BWB-BR8: 789MPN/100ml; BWB-BR9: 637MPN/100ml; BWB-BR10: 144MPN/100ml
 4/27/22 Effluent Pipe: >10MPN/100ml; BWB-BR11: >10MPN/100ml
 5/3/22  Effluent Pipe: >10MPN/100ml; BWB-BR12: >10MPN/100ml
 5/13/22  Effluent Pipe: 20MPN/100ml
 5/26/22   Effluent Pipe: 63MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: 179MPN/100ml
 6/16/22   Cox's Point; 145MPN/100ml 
 6/30/22  Effluent Pipe: >10MPN/100ml; Cox's Point Park: 10MPN/100/ml; BWB-BR12: 30MPN/100ml; BWB-BR4: 41MPN/100ml
 7/8/22  BWB-BR6: 520MPN/100ml; BRRC Trash Boom: 24,196MPN/100ml
 7/11/22   Effluent Pipe: 20MPN/100ml; BWB-BR15: 31MPN/100ml
 7/21/22  Effluent Pipe: 30MPN/100ml; Cox's Point: 20MPN/100ml; Back River Neck Rd & Riverview Rd: 638MPN/100ml
 8/3/22  Effluent Pipe: <10MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: 24,196MPN/100ml; Cox's Point Park: 31MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: <10MPN/100ml
 8/11/22 Effluent Pipe: 20MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: 17,329MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: 3,873MPN/100ml, Cox's Point Park: 160MPN/100ml
 8/18/22 Effluent Pipe:<10MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: 24,196MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: 134MPN/100ml
 8/25/22 BRRC Boom: 94MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: 63MPN/100ml; Cox's Point Park: 298MPN/100ml
 9/8/22BRRC Boom: 377MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park:183MPN/100ml; Cox's Point Park:185MPN/100ml; BWB-BR6: 85MPN/100ml
 9/14/22 Effluent Pipe: 20MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: 250MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: 74MPN/100ml; Cox's Point Park: 10MPN/100ml
 10/6/22 BRRC Boom: 158MPN/100ml; Lynch Point Park: 556MPN/100ml; Cox's Point Park: 118MPN/100ml
10/17/22  Effluent Pipe: 20MPN/100ml; BRRC Boom: 7,701MPN/100ml; Cox's Point Park: 52MPN/100ml

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