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Tidal Monitoring in Back River with Blue Water Baltimore

We partnered with Blue Water Baltimore to collect samples each week around Back River.

According to the State of Maryland, it is considered unsafe to come in contact with surface waters with an enterococcus level greater than 130MPN/100mL.

Results for samples collected on September 20, 2023 are shown below.  

BRWWTP:  41MPN/100mL

695 Overpass: 203MPN/100mL

Todd Point Lane: <10MPN/100mL

Lynch Point: 20MPN/100mL

Muddy Gut: 10MPN/100mL

Cox's Point Park: <10MPN/100mL

Wildwood Beach: <10MPN/100mL

Millers Island: 10MPN/100mL

Stemmers Run: 20MPN/100mL

Weather at the time of these collections:  Incoming Tide, sunny, with no rain within the past 48 hours.

For the most recent results in all the other areas monitored throughout Baltimore, visit  The locations regularly tested in Back River are shown below. 

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